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Heavenly Honeysuckle (Bramble Berry®) Fragrance Oil


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This fragrance was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Signature Purple Perfume. Also known as Honeysuckle Heaven.

The sweet floral aroma of this fragrance really stands out and holds up well even in cold process soap.

Notes of tuberose, nectarine and sherry are picked up on first impression. However the middle notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and rose quickly make their
appearance. The base notes of sandalwood and musk give this fragrance a calming foundation.

As well as in soap try this fragrance in a luxurious body wash, relaxing candle or massage oil if you are looking for a strong floral scent.

Please note: This fragrance accelerates in cold process soap, it does not discolour.

Vanilla Content: 0.03%

Flashpoint: 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Do not use undiluted on the skin

Brand: Brambleberry

Country of Origin: USA

Pthtalate & Gluten Free

Suitable for Vegans


Weight 220 g



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