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Mica (Lipsafe) Silk Bronze


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Micas are particles of colour that when added to specific products they produce beautiful light reflective colour. Some also shine in Cold Process Soap
when swirled through near or on the surface.


Soft and sophisticated, this neutral colour has the lightest pink hue to it that makes the best natural looking eye shadows and lip balms. Soft Beige Mica
is a core colour used in Mineral Make Up.


Melt & Pour Soap – Yes

Cold Processed Soap – Untested

Cosmetics including Eye area – Yes

Lip Products – Yes

Oil Based Sugar Scrubs: Not Tested

This Colour is a: Non bleeding Mica

Particle size: < 15 um

Our Test Results:

Produces a shimmery pink-beige colour in clear MP Soap Base.

pH sensitivity: Untested, but likely to be stable

Colour Fading: This colour is not light sensitive and not prone to fading

Colour Bleeding (Migration): Non bleeding, suitable for embedding, layering and swirling 

To use this mica in Melt and Pour Soap: Wet the mica with rubbing alcohol until a liquid slurry is made. This usually is about a 1:1 mix of mica and rubbing
alcohol. Add the desired amount of the slurry to the melted soap and stir to combine.

To use this mica in Cold Process Soap: Combine the mica with a light, liquid oil such as sweet almond or sunflower oil. Mix the mica at a rate of 1 Tbsp
of oil to 1 tsp of mica. Increase the amounts as needed. Add this colour mixture at trace.


Code:  MMSB10





Weight 45 g



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