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Mica (Lipsafe) Silver – 10g


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Micas & Glitters are particles of shiny colour that when added to specific products they produce beautiful light reflective colour. Some also shine
in Cold Process Soap when swirled through near or on the surface.


This is a multi-use colouring that you can use in lip balms, melt and pour or cold process soaps. While the colour stays true in lip balms and melt and
pour soaps, it does morph to a slightly more orange tone in cold process soap. This colour is a little more difficult to mix into melt and pour than
most micas so we recommend mixing it with the fragrance oil before attempting to stir in. To create a good color in cold process soap, we used 1 teaspoon
of colorant (about 0.15 oz before dispersing) in 1 pound of soap.


Typical use Levels: Lip Balm 1-10%, Soap 1-5%, Shimmer Creams 0.5-3%, Pressed make-up 20-50%, Lose powder: 0-40%, Surfactant wash-off product 0-1%, Gel
base (hair gel etc) 1-5%

Formulating Notes: If you wish to add shimmer to a wash-off surfactant product or a gel it is important that a suspending agent such as Carbomer is used
to provide the mica particles with a structure to be supported in. Mica will gather at the top or bottom of the product if no thickener/ suspending
agent is used and may interfere with how the product is dispensed.

Mica is generally added to the formula after cool down as high temperatures can affect the shimmer of the mica.

Adding Mica can increase the bio-burden of your formula so we recommend you use a broad spectrum preservative.


Safe for use in lip balms and eye shadows

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide


Code: MCSILV10




Weight 45 g


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