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Salicylic Acid – 25g


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Ingredients: Salicyclic Acid,  distributed as 100% active ingredient as powder.

Information: Used as an additive in skin-care products for pimple-prone skin, as well as various skin problems also common to use
in danruff shampoo.

Usage Instructions: In Adult formulations a maximum level amount of 2% is permitted where developing products to be left on the
skin & 3% as a maximum level for rinse off products. The ingredient is not to be used in products targeting children under the age of three.

Formulating Tips: Salicylic acid can be difficult to add into a formulation using a cream or lotion as it is not that soluble in water
or oils. Therefore:

  • You can neutralise it into ‘sodium salicylate’ by reacting it with sodium bicarbonate. This will fizz in water until the reaction is complete,
    the salt is just as effective for the skin as the acid but has less solubility issues.
  •  Also you can try dispersing it beforehand into a suitable solvent. Propylene Glycol and glycerine can help as can adding what is known as
    a hydrotrope (to improve solubility).  You may need to read up more about Salicylic Acid when preparing and making your formulations.
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Weight 70 g


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