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Botanical Name: Hippophae Rhamnoides

Description: Seabuckthorn comes from a very common shrub covered with thorns, and narrow willow-like leaves. It can be found growing on the sand hills and cliffs on the East Coast. Its name literally translates to shining horse. This is because horses were fed sea buckthorn to improve the condition of their coats. It is often planted as an ornamental plant because it is very easy to cultivate and requires very little attention.

Colour: Golden Yellow to Light Brown.

Common Uses: The berries and seeds of the Seabuckthorn plant are rich in vitamins and minerals. Because of this, the essential oil is well known for it’s use on the skin. Aromatherapists have credited it with reducing wrinkles, regenerating skin cells, and for promoting the healing of skin injuries such as burns, sunburns, wounds and eczema. You will also see it in many skin care products such as creams and lotions.

Consistency: Medium

Note: None.

Strength of Aroma: Little to none, and oily in nature Blends well with: Sea Buckthorn blends well with all essential oils.

Aromatic Scent: Seabuckthorn oil has only a slight oily smell much like a cooking oil. This makes it the perfect additive for massage therapy and cosmetic skin care applications.

History: Seabuckthorn is a traditional medicinal plant in many European and Asian countries.

Weight 220 g

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