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Soap Mould – Dragonfly & Rushes 3D – CLEARANCE


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We have 3 of these lovely Dragonfly and Rushes 3D Soap Moulds that are priced to GO!

Inspired by the dragonfly, one of the most ancient insects on earth. Over the centuries dragonflies were believed to bring good luck in battle, and also seen as a symbol of life.

Cavities: 1
Soap weight: 140g approximately
Dimensions: approximately 8.9cm x 6cm x 3.2cm Deep

This 3D Moulds are made of WHITE Polystyrene plastic. This is a durable material with a very high tear resistance, plus it has an anti-wetting property which greatly helps in the release of many soap bases, especially Cold Processed Soap, and it imparts a high gloss finish on the soap.

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Weight 45 g


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