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Stevia Extract – 100g


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Ingredients: Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract [Min. 95% Steviol Glycosides, Min. 80% Rebaudioside A]

Stevia is a sweet, green herb that can be difficult to grow but does produce a sweetness that is said to be up to 200 times stronger than sugar. As
such this is often added to lip balms and other formulations for around the mouth area that need a pleasant taste when incidentally ingested.

Solubility: water

Use Level: Up to 1%.

To incorporate this into a lip balm: As this is water soluble it won’t dissolve into oils but it may disperse. It can be emulsified into a lip balm
with the help of a little lecithin (try 1:1 ratio) or, if you are pigmenting your lip product with mica or other minerals the stevia could adhere
to their surface. Because of the low addition rate it should be able to be blended through inspite of its lack of solubility but some formulating
tweaks may be required in some cases, especially where the lip product is more fluid in consistency.


Please Note:  Supplied in a sealed foil bag


Code:  SSTEVIA100

Weight 220 g


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