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  • 1.Wax
    Lotus Oils Ltd supply two kinds of Candle making waxes. Uniwax is made from Palm Oil, sets hard and can be used to make dipped, pillar and moulded candles. Soy Wax is a natural product made from Soy, it is softer and needs to be contained in a vessel (try glasses, tea cups, aluminium tins, etc)
  • 2.Wicks

These can be supplied in 1 meter lengths, with metal holders sold separately. Or you can opt for a pre-cut wick with holders attached in a 10 pack – available in thick (HTP102) or thin (HTP52)

  • 3.Fragrances
  • Lotus Oils Fragrance oil is suited for candle and soapmaking products. Fragrance oils are man-made and are designed to hold their scent for a longer time. Essential Oils are extracted from plants, are 100% natural but will fade in scent more quickly than a Fragrance Oil. We suggest using 1% Fragrance Oil in a recipe and adjusting to suit the strength of the oil.
  • 4.Colours
    Water Soluble colours cannot be used with Wax, as they will not disperse. We have an Oil-Soluble Blue, Red, Green and Yellow powdered colouring that can be used in candle making, And Annato and Chrolophyll as natural colours. Please note the colours are very concentrated so use sparingly.

Getting Started:

1. Soy and Uniwax doesn’t take long to melt, either in a microwave or over a double boiler on the stove. (Remember if you do not have access to a double boiler then a large saucepan part filled with water with a smaller pot resting on some forks in the bottom of the larger pot will suffice).

2. Colour is to be added at this stage. Powders can be premixed with a little melted Palm oil or Soy wax help dispersion.

3. During this step the scent is added. Both Essential and Fragrant Oils can be used according to preference. The ratio can vary according to the potency of the oils and the desired end product. We recommend that you try about 5ml Fragrance per 500g of wax (1% of recipe) or 15ml Essential oil and adjust to suit preference.

4. Set Wicks in place in mould (a little handmade cardboard strip can help keep it centred) then pour wax into a mould and leave to set. Uniwax candles can be unmoulded when set.

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