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Bath Bomb Mould – Stainless Steel


$10.24 (Incl. GST)

Make Professional-looking Bath Bombs with this easy to use and sturdy Stainless Steel Mould. Set includes two halves.


How to use:

Fill each half fairly firmly, add a little extra bath bomb mixture to the centre of one half (which will help to keep it all together), and put the two mould halves together , twist and then press . Gently slide the sides away and let your Bath Bombs air dry undisturbed.


Please note – the moulds are large (Mondo sized). The two moulds are identical i.e they do not slot together.


Mould Capacity: around 200g for bath bombs
Mould Cavity Diameter:  6.9 cm and about 3.8cm tall


Weight 100 g



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