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Benzoin Resinoid Gum – CLEARANCE


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Our Benzoin Resinoid Gum has reached expiry and so has been reduced to clear – End of Line.
Ingredients:  Styrax Benzoin Gum

Aroma: Characteristic

Colour: Dark brown.

Appearance: Viscous liquid.

Benzoin gum is the viscous, sticky resinous gum secreted by the Styrax Benzoin tree native to Indonesia.  The gum is easier to use than the resin but is still tricky due to its chemistry as a resin.  The gum is a good option for people who are happy to pre-blend this with other essential oils to form a ‘perfume’ or essential oil blend to add into a product or is ideal to be diluted down with ethanol.

Use Instructions:  This is less potent than the benzoin crystals (which are dried down from the gum) but we still recommend a maximum of 2% for products that are to be applied to the skin to minimise the potential for irritation.

Weight 80 g



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