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Cocoa Brown Clay (Brazilian)


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Ingredients: Kaolin, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77492, Humus

INCI Name: Kaolin

Use Level : 0-60%

Medium Particle Diameter : 15 microns

Properties : Its polysilicate structure allows it to absorb water and oil based substances. It has a cationic exchange capacity which
helps in the removal of dirt from the skin. Natural source of magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium.

Water Absorbtion :36.1

Oil Absorbtion : 68.85

Benefits : Helps to stabilise emulsions, natural pigment, high adsorption and absorption capacity, reduces oiliness in a formula, detoxifying,

Origin : Brazil

Cleanliness : Non-irradiated clay, purified by grinding and ozone treatment to reduce bio-count to a maximum of 100 CFU/g. Asbestos free
and crystaline silica-free.

Application : Detox Mask, Natural Colourant for all cosmetic types


  • Re mineralising the skin.
  • Oil Control.
  • Natural Colourant.
  • Face and Body Masks.
  • Body Wraps.
  • Exfoliants.
  • Natural and Organic formulations.
  • Soaping – Hot or Cold Process.

Use Levels:

Varies from clay to clay but generally these are safe ingredients that can be used at the customers discretion. Clays with a deep colour may stain clothing,
the skin (temporarily) and bathroom furnishings if used at high levels.


Water and Oil dispersible.



Weight 500 g

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