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Conditioning Emulsifier 25


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Also known as BTMS25.

This wonderful ingredient is a cationic self emulsifier and conditioner suitable for both hair and skin care and anhydrous scrubs.  Conditioning
Emulsifier is a combination of a conditioning compound, which is derived from the natural plant oil Colza (Canola), and a fatty alcohol (Cetearyl Alcohol).
BTMS imparts emollience and cushioned after feel to your formulations.  Conditioning Emulsifier also has the ability to emulsify silicones very

Conditioning Emulsifier will give your home-formulated conditioners lubricity and static control, offering excellent wet combing and detangling.
From the basic formulation, you can then start to build your own specialised Conditioners by including Hydrolyzed Proteins, Herbal Extracts, dl Panthenol
and small amounts of Fixed Oils (such as Jojoba, Coconut Oil) to make a really fabulous Hair Conditioner. By choosing which ingredients you add, you
can tailor your Conditioner to suit your own hair.  Due to its being extremely mild, it is excellent for leave-in conditioners as well as solid
conditioning products.

100g of Conditioning Emulsifier will make 2 Litres of quality Hair Conditioner which leaves your hair soft and silky.

Usage Range: 1 – 10%

GMO Free

Natural Vegetable Source

Weight N/A

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