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Cucumber Powder – CLEARANCE


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We have 100g pouches of Cucumber Powder which has reached expiry and so has been priced to clear.

Ingredients: Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, Purified Water


Cucumber Powder can be reconstituted by adding 10% powder to 90% of water. The resulting mixture will be dark brown and have a light cucumber aroma.
As the whole cucumber is used to create the powder, some residue will drop out of solution on standing (this is the residue of the seed). It is
best that this is filtered out before the cucumber juice is added into a final product.

Use Level: 0.1-10% but typically 0.1-1%

Heat Tolerance: Good

pH of solution: approx. 4.71 at Room Temp.

Activity: Cucumber extract contains a range of useful actives including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, phenolic acids,
fatty acids, and cucurbitacins. The Cucurbitacins are the bitter component of the cucumber, they can be toxic when ingested but in skincare they
function as steroids with anti-inflammatory action.

Typical Applications: Skin balancing, soothing, hydrating, refreshing.

Please Note: These products are for cosmetic use only and not to be consumed.


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