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Diffuser Reeds (Black) – 3mm x 25cm (10 Pack)


$2.62 (Incl. GST)

Black Diffuser Reeds have empty channels which run from one end to the other enabling your diffuser oil to travel up the channel producing maximum fragrance.

(Please note: Reeds only – bottle and accessories not included). 

Dimensions: 25cm long and 3mm diameter (10 Pack)

Reed diffusers have become very popular, and it’s not surprising that many people want to make their own reed diffuser oil using essential oils. Most store-bought
reed diffusers use synthetic fragrances, but making your own natural reed diffuser oil with Lotus Oils essential oils is simple.

There are two basic components of natural reed diffuser oils:

1. Essential oils, which provide the fragrance. You also may use synthetic fragrance oils.
2. Reed diffuser oil base, such as a pre-mixed reed diffuser base oil or Dipropylene glycol (fragrance grade). The base dilutes the essential oil or fragrance oil, and helps the reed diffuser oil
wick up the reeds.

Your imagination is nearly your only limit when it comes to which Lotus Oils essential oils to use in your reed diffuser oil. Use a single oil or a Lotus Oils Synergy Blend. But note that thick or heavy essential oils do not work well in reed diffuser oil blends.

If you want a reed diffuser oil that is as strongly fragrant as store-bought reed diffusers, you may need to use synthetic man-made Lotus Oils fragrance oil instead of essential oil. We have a huge range of delicious man-made fragrances.





Weight 100 g


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