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Dri Silc sensory modifier for makeup.


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Dri Silc is a porous, sensory modifying ingredient which optimises the skin feel of emulsions. Individual particles of Dri Silc are micro-spheres which have a high oil absorption capacity. These spheres give your products a smooth, powdery feel after application, and deliver a mattifying effect which helps compensate if using high concentration of Oil or UV Filters. Dri Silc can be used in Lotions, Creams, Mineral Makeup and Body Butters.

Dri Silc Microspheres are also used in Mineral Makeup to give the product a more silky feel.

Dri Silc can be added to the Oil Phase, or at the end of the formulation. It is important to make sure it is fully dispersed and is saturated (with a full oil absorption – ie 1.5g Oil/1g of Material)

Dri Silc is not derived from Silk (Silk & Silk Proteins are products of processing silk worms), Dri Silc is silica, a mineral and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Dri Silc is an excellent substitute for Silk and/or Silicones.

Applications:  Silk effect (for Vegans), Silicone Substitute, oil absorption, powdery and silky after-feel in products
Suggested Usage Rate: 1.0 – 5.0%
Particle Size Range:  Min: 2 – Max: 20 μm
Organic status:  COSMOS certified
Orignal:  Natural
Vegan friendly

For external use only.

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