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Jojoba Beads Face Exfoliant – 100g CLEARANCE


$21.79 (Incl. GST)

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Our Jojoba Beads have reached expiry but are in great condition.  100g pots are reduced to clear!

These Superfine Jojoba Beads are tiny spherically shaped beads consisting of hydrogenated jojoba oil (wax). The round shape offers effective exfoliation
with out the harshness of typical abrasives, no sharp edges. Very mild with natural emollient properties make them ideal for sensitive skin.

Odour: Faint oily waxy smell

Solubility: Insoluble in water

Size: 60/100 fine for face applications

Colour: Glacier White

Usage: Can be added into formulations and bases as is in a concentration of 1-10%

Applications: Face wash gels, cleansing lotions and cleansing creams



Weight 220 g



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