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Lanolin Premium


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Ingredients: Lanolin Anhydrous (Low Odour)

A natural product found in the oil glands of the sheep. Lanolin is from the wool of a sheep after shearing. It is a thick, sticky sebum from sheep’s

Lanolin is naturally able to bind moisture and can bind up to 200 times its weight in water. This grade of lanolin has had any residual moisture removed
to give a more oxidatively stable material with a waxy opaque appearance.

Benefits: Lanolin is the only animal derived oil that can be harvested without detriment to the animal. Sheep are usually sheared once
a year and that wool is what contains the lanolin. After washing (Scouring) in an alkaline soap solution the crude wool wax is taken for further processing
to create the clean, natural emollient we know and love.

Chemistry: Unlike vegetable oils lanolin is a waxy ester rather than a triglyceride. This makes it chemically more similar to jojoba oil
but that’s where the similarities end. The waxy esters of lanolin make it a good barrier protector which means that lanolin oil is an excellent choice
for heavy duty skin care applications and for skin care for extra dry skin. In addition to waxy esters lanolin also contains cholesterol and the skin
uses this to produce vitamin D. In addition to that the ability of lanolin to hold water makes it able to stabilise emulsions or even incorporate water
into an emulsifier-free system in some cases.

Directions: Typically used in formulations between 1-10%.

Heat Tolerance: Yes, can be heated and added into emulsions or added cold into oil blends.


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