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Lavender Rubbings


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LAVENDER RUBBINGS from Angustifolia type lavender plants( grown in New Zealand)

Lavender Rubbings are such a lovely traditional way to enjoy the sweet scent of Lavender.

Made by hand picking fresh lavender sprigs whilst flowering and air drying until desiccated to preserve their beauty and scent.

The dried flowers contain lavender essential oil which scent is realised slowly over time.

Rubbings are a versatile natural product that can be used in so many ways from scented sachets to confetti at a wedding.

Suggestions on how to use Lavender Rubbings:

  • Make a small bag of Lavender rubbings and pop in your wardrobe or chest of drawers.
  • Place a handful of Lavender rubbings into an open weave fabric bag. Choose our cotton muslin bags or organza bags. Both have their good points. Muslin is natural and will biodegrade. The organza bags are partially transparent which allows you to see the cute little dried lavender flowers. They come in many colours try our purple, lavender, green or ivory bags. The open weave allows the scent to escape into your room.
  • Decorate soaps. Sprinkle some rubbings as a decoration on your hand made soaps.
  • Wedding gift. Fill a large bag and hand scatter onto the happy couple. The flowers will naturally degrade.
  • Go wild with you imagination mix with other dried flowers and leaves such as rosemary and eucalyptus to create a fragrant Pot Pourri bowl.


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