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Mango Butter Refined (CLEARANCE)


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We have overstocked in Mango Butter.  This batch doesn’t reach expiry until 12/24 but has been reduced in price for quick sale.

Preservative Free

Refined Mango Butter is obtained from the seed kernel of mango fruit. The mango tree is a tropical evergreen tree, which is native to India and Malaysia.  The seeds, which contain butter, are mechanically pressed. Purification and refining are then carried out by traditional methods without chemicals or solvents to provide a natural, white to pale yellow coloured material which has a soft, butter-like consistency.

Cosmetic interest:

High in essential fatty acids, Refined Mango Butter is an emollient with healing and regenerating properties. It melts at skin temperatures making it ideal for sticks and balms. It also counters the drying effects of bar soaps and cleansers.

Refined Mango Butter improves the spreading and skin feel in finished products. It penetrates easily into the epidermis. It helps to stabilise emulsions and to adjust viscosity. It also replaces paraffin-based emollients.  The butter is solid and melts between 29-38°C. We would suggest adding the butter to an emulsion system in the oil phase. Or in the case of conditioner add at a low level and ensure the temperature is heated to above 40 degrees.

 Suggested cosmetic applications:

Widely used as a primary ingredient in cosmetic products.

Sun care creams and lotions including after sun 3-5%

Body butters and body lotions/creams: 3-5%

Hair products: 2-5%

Soaps: 3-6%

Body: can be used directly as a massage butter to soothe the skin



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