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Melt and Pour (NZ Made) Coconut – 1kg


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This beautiful Melt & Pour Soap base is made with love in Northland, New Zealand.

Ingredients are sourced from suppliers who are members of the Round Table of Sustainability and only ingredients accepted by the Natural Protection Association are used.

PH:  Between 7 & 8

Making your own soap has never been so easy – you can add up to 10% of other ingredients to this base.

This Melt & Pour Base melts beautifully in a microwave or in a pot striaght onto the stove.  It is much harder to melt down using a double boiler.
Keeping in mind that once poured it solidifies much quicker than transparent bases so you need to add your extras to this base more quickly.
It is transparent when hot and melted but cools down to its bright white colour.

Extremely gentle and moisturising.

Despite not having any added minerals this bar is amazingly white, has a good lather, a mild PH and is Palm Free.



Coconut Oil

Lauric Acid

Vegetable Glycerine (derived from Coconut)

1.3 Propanediol


Sodium Phytate

Citric Acid

Coco Glucoside

Distilled Water


Please note that these NZ Made Melt & Pour Bases are handmade and may vary in size between 950g and 1040g.






Weight 1200 g


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