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Pine Rosin (also know as Resin) is in fact tree sap. Traditionally it has used for carpentry, art and musical instruments but has more recently become
a popular ingredient to add tackiness to beeswax food wraps.

Want to say goodbye to plastic wrap and make your own Beeswax wraps?

Combine  beeswax,  pine rosin and a little jojoba in a double boiler on the stovetop to melt (or use a disposable foil baking tray on a very
low oven temp) then stir to combine. It could take a little time depending on how large your chunks of wax and rosin are. If your rosin is a fine powder,
avoid inhaling the small particles. Some people set this hot liquid in baking tins and use to grate the wax onto the fabric before heating,  great
for re-waxing wraps over long use.

Gently pour or brush this hot liquid over the 100% cotton fabric pieces which have been placed on a baking tray (fold them over if too big for your baking
tray) and spread the mixture evenly over the cloth (we use a paint brush). Pop in a preheated oven heated on low (not over 100 degrees Celcius) for
a few minutes. Check for any dry patches and if there any are add a little more liquid and pop in the oven again.

Drape the hot wrap over a drying rack to cool (this takes just a few seconds). Once cooled they are ready to use. Mould the wrap around bread, snacks,
cheese and bowls with the heat of your hands. Works best at room temperature.

Use and Care of your beeswax wraps:

  • Not to be used with hot or wet foods, or raw meat.
  • Wash with warm soapy water, definitely not hot.
  • Well worn cloths can be re-waxed at home and used indefinitely
  • Choose a dark colour cotton as the Beeswax has a yellow hue which will darken lighter colours.
CAUTION: Use with caution as melted wax will burn skin. Do not overheat beeswax as it can become flammable.







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