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Plantaserv N – 100g


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Natural origin from mixed vegetable oils, being a Natural Preservative in powder form

Plantaserv N is a versatile preservative with a mild odour and no colour. Great for use in many skin care products and can be used in organic
formulations.  Also with its antibacterial properties and glyceryl caprylate ingredient Plantaserv N is a good to work with problem skin

Ingredients: Glyceryl caprylate, undecylenic glycerides


Use Levels: 0.9-1.1%

Heat Tolerance: fine up to 90C , added into the water phase of an emulsion before mixing or added at the end .

Spectrum : Bacteria, Yeast and Mould- BROAD SPECTRUM. Please run a PET before launching ,can’t guarantee performance in your particular

Could use in all formulations but best in Oil/Water or Water /Oil emulsions. This has a slight emollient action thus improving the feel of your

Avoid : Avoid pH over 7 to prevent the glyceryl caprylate from hydrolysing. This preservative can effect viscosity meaning that your cream
may get slightly to significantly thinner when this preservative is added. Please run a small batch test the first time you use a new preservative.

If using this  in a spritzer we suggest pre-mixing into alcohol to get better solubility and performance for your product.


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