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Pomegranate Seed Virgin Oil


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Ingredients: Punica Granatum Seed Oil

Pomegranate oil is prized for its ability to improve the elasticity of the skin, a property that makes it ideally suited to cosmaceutical and skin
vitality product ranges. The oil achieves this through a combination of its essential fatty acid profile and antioxidant level.

In addition this is an oil with extremely high shine making it a great addition to a leave-on hair oil or colour cosmetic where a gloss finish
is desirable.

Processing Method: Cold Pressed.

Typical Chemistry: Oleic Acid 6%, Linoleic ACid 7%, Palmitic Acid 3%, Stearic Acid 3%.

Use Levels: Can be applied neat onto the skin or blended into your oil phase. This oil is heat stable but it is often added in the
cool-down phase as a speciality ingredient.



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