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Powder Sprayer – largest


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Spray Pump for Mica & Ultra Fine Glitters

Our new Powder Sprayer Pump is slightly different to the last model which we still have a few left under “Powder Sprayer  Smallest”.  It is perfect to use to apply fine particles of glitter or mica to the surface of soaps and bath products, to use in cake decorating and art work. Mica lines are back in style for Cold Process Soapers, and this sprayer makes the application of a thin line a no mess proposition.

This sprayer has a long dip tube “extension” to spray, it sprays nicely straight from the aperture. To avoid moisture adhering to the nozzle, replace the overcap on when out of use.

Approximate Dimensions: Height 10.2cm, Diameter 2.6cm
Volume: 25ml approximately
Colour: Natural/Clear
Not Suitable for: Liquids: nozzle system will block
Tested with: Aussie Soap Supplies mica powders and Ultra Fine Glitters
Recycle: PETE 1 plastic

Note: Keep sprayer bottle and mechanism completely dry to avoid clogging.

If spraying commercial quantities of mica or glitter we recommend wearing a dust mask. As with all packaging, we recommend thorough testing of packaging before purchasing large quantities. It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging is compatible with your product / formula. Volume given is as stated by the manufacturer and should be used as a guide only as no marked fill level is given. We recommend weighing your product separately, and then in the vessel to ensure correct volume.


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