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Red French Clay (Illite)


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Ingredients: Illite

INCI: Illite, Kaolin

Red French Clay is especially useful in formulas for its illuminating effects. Great for face and body masks.

Kaolinite or kaolin clays can be coloured if the surrounding soil is rich in minerals. Some of these minerals have beneficial properties for the skin while others don’t so much.  All Kaolinites are reasonably good drawing agents as they pull toxins from the skin. Kaolin is often used as a base for clay masks due to it being well tolerated by most people.

Illite is a mica type mineral occurring in argillaceous sediments with Illite being a general term for the clay minerals from this type of sediment.  Argillaceous minerals appear silver-like due to their fine grain structure and trace metal constituent.

This clay will swell a little in water.

100% Natural mineral which is allowed to be used in COSMOS formulas.

Appearance: Red fine powder

Origin: France

Particle Size: <150 micron

Manufacturing Process: The clay undergoes a mechanical treatment, without any chemical process. It is crushed and dried.

Formulation Tips:

  • 5 – 40% in masks
  • Blends well with other clays
  • For best results, wet into the water phase prior to the addition of thickeners or oil phase
  • Can be added to a finished emulsion with good homogenisation
  • Homogenisation is recommended


Incompatibilities: Dissolves in highly acidic and highly alkaline solutions.

Note: Red French Clay does not undergo any irradiation treatment during its manufacturing process. Therefore, this product may have a high microbial burden; preservation is recommended in water-based products.

Using this clay at high percentages may cause skin colouration or staining to clothes and surfaces.

Non-GMO, Non-Nanomaterial, Palm Free, Petrochemical Free, Preservative Free, Non-Radiated, Vegan Friendly

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