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Seabuckthorn Seed CO2 Oil – 17ml


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This is for an Amber Glass Bottle with 17 ml of Seabuckthorn Berry Seed oil CO2 extracted.
Ingredients: Hippophae Rhamnoides Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract

Botanical Name: Hippophae Rhamnoides L.
Common Name:  Seabuckthorn seed oil CO2 Extraction.
Plant Parts: Crushed Seeds.

Extraction Method:  Supercritical carbon dioxide. This method uses carbon dioxide that is in a fluid state but has a temperature and pressure that give it unique properties somewhere between a gas and a liquid. This enables it to act as a solvent that is idea for chemical extraction due to its low toxicity. It is also able to preserve some of the more volatile components of essential oils that may be lost when other extraction methods are used.  It is also very easy to separate the solvent (CO2) from the oil at the end of the process ensuring maximum purity.

Application: This oil contains a high percentage of Linoleic, Linolenic and Oleic fatty acids, all of which play a role in maintaining the skins natural barrier function.

Common Uses: Antioxidant, regenerative, environmental protection, skin strenghtening

** It is important to note that all CO2 oils are extremely concentrated by nature. They should not be evaluated in this state unless you are accustomed to the undiluted fragrance. For those trying CO2 oils for the first time, we strongly recommend they be evaluated in dilution. Otherwise, the complexity of the fragrance – particularly the rare and exotic notes – become lost

CO2 oils can be very viscous or even solid and can be difficult to extract from the bottle. Gently warming the absolute in a water bath will melt the product and make it easier to use. Removal of the standard dripolator may be required in some cases.

Weight 1200 g

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