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St Johns Wort NZ infused in Olive Oil


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Proudly Made In New Zealand

Preservative & Additive Free

Botanical Name:
Hypericum perforatum


Extraction Method: Macerated

This Beautiful Macerated Oil is Made by Millstream Gardens here in Hawkes Bay.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in this Product.

The perennial St John’s wort plant is an oil-rich plant whose leaves are densely covered with oil glands and its branched, woody stems swathed with the plants’ five-rayed golden yellow flowers. The St John’s wort oil contains a distinct characteristic, which is evidenced when these flowers are rubbed between the fingers – staining them a blood red. 

Applications: St John’s wort has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, allowing the soothing and strengthening of the skin. Its application in beauty products and creams is popular, as well as use for lip balm.




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