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Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols


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Ingredients: D-a-Tocopherol


This product is derived from highly refined vegetable oil distillates including soyabean and canola oil which undergo further refining and processing.
It is manufactured using non-animal based raw materials.

Natural vs. Synthetic:

Natural vitamin E contains alpha-tocopherol exclusively in an active form.

Synthetic vitamin E (sometimes referred to as dl-alpha-tocopherol) contains both active and inactive forms of alpha-tocopherol.

Natural vitamin E also may contain other types of tocopherols, such as beta-tocopherol, delta-tocopherol, and gamma-tocopherol. Some manufacturers
use the term “mixed ” tocopherols when referring to these different types.

Activity: 1300 IU

Application: Vitamin E can be added into the oil phase of a formulation where it can work as a skincare active and an antioxidant
to reduce the likelihood of oxidation of the formulation.

Use Levels: 0.5-2% Max. Above 2% Vitamin E can become irritating to the skin.

For external use only.


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