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Lavender dried flower fragrance bag

How to make a Traditional dried Lavender flower filled bag, it's so easy. Who remembers their relations having one?  
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Lavender Rubbings
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Organza Bag Violet - Various Sizes
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Organza Bag Lavender - Various Sizes
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Organza Bag Emerald Green
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Spoon for filling bags.


Weighing scale



100 grams of Lavender rubbings  for filling  12 individual (size A) Violet organza bags or small size muslin bags.

Follow these steps:

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    Weigh out 80 grams of Lavender rubbings and spoon into organza or muslin bag. Pull up string or ribbon until tight. Optional: Attach a gift tag. If giving as a gift, place in a plastic or paper bag to preserve the scent. Or if using straight away, place in suitable area of your furniture such as wardroom or drawer.

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