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Aluminium Bottle 1.25L (1KG)

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ALUMINIUM BOTTLE 1.25L DG (1kg) with plug and tamper-evident cap.

These quality empty storage containers can be used to store most essential oils and blends.

Bottle Material: Aluminium

Cap Material: Polypropylene (PP)

WAD (cap liner) Material: Expanded Polyethylene (EP)

Plug Material: LDPE

Epoxy Lining in Aluminium Bottle:
The information provided below is a guide only and it is the responsibility of the client to test the stability of their product in the packaging.

Base: Epoxy/Phenol
Colour: Golden Brown
Solid Content: 34 ± 2% parts by weight
Viscosity: 45″ ± 2 sec./FC-4/30 °C
Flash Point: 35 °C
Thinner Recommended: GER/201


Substrate: Aluminium
Application: By spray
Application Viscosity: 45″/FC-4
Film Weight Dry: 9-14gm/sq.met.
Dry Film Thickness: 8 to 12 microns
Curing: Air Circulation Oven
Temperature: 200 °C / 12 minutes


Weight 200 g


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