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Aluminium Bottle 625ml (500g)

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ALUMINIUM BOTTLE 625ml DG (500g) with plug and tamper-evident cap.

These quality empty storage containers can be used with most essential oils and blends.

Suitable for long term storage.

Height: 180mm

Diameter: 70mm

Internal Mouth: 25mm

Neck size: 38/410 neck

Material Bottle:

Materials cap:
Cap: polypropylene (PP)
Wad: polyethylene (PE)

Epoxy Lining in Aluminium Bottle:
The information provided below is a guide only and it is the responsibility of the client to test the stability of their product in the packaging.

Technical Information Product Data Sheet
Product Designation HOBA internal lining for aerosol cans, gold coloured transparent.
Applications Field: Highly Flexible liner for monobloc aerosol cans and other extruded shells. Covers a wide range of product resistances. The cured film of 7940 meets the requirements of the German Food and Materials Law (BGVV) and the US Food and Drug Regulations (FDA) paragraph 175.300
Solid Content:
Delivery viscosity:
Flash Point:
Epoxy Phenolic
35% ±2% parts by weight
105sec ±10sec, DIN 4mm 20°C

Film Thickness:
Cure Schedule:

HOBA special thinner type V919 or Ethoxy Propanol
Spray Application
Dry: 7-12µm
7-10 min at 240-260°C
These values may vary due to capacity and efficiency of ovens.
Weight 200 g


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