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Holistic Skincare Gift Set


$29.90 (Incl. GST)

Elevate your skincare journey with our Holistic Skincare Gift Set. Featuring the potent trio of Witch Hazel, Castor Oil, and Rosemary Oil, this set is a holistic embrace for your skin. Clarify with Witch Hazel, nourish with Castor Oil, and rejuvenate with Rosemary Oil. Uncover the beauty of nature and transform your self-care routine with this enchanting gift set.

Why Choose Our Holistic Skincare Gift Set?

Discover the beauty of nature with our thoughtfully curated Holistic Skincare Gift Set. We’ve selected these products for their exceptional benefits:

Witch Hazel: Uncover the secret of Witch Hazel, a natural toner with incredible properties. Perfect for refining your skincare routine, Witch Hazel gently tones and clarifies, leaving your skin refreshed and ready to absorb the nourishing goodness that follows.

Castor Oil with Rosemary Oil: Indulge in the dynamic duo of Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil. Castor Oil, a skincare staple, shines on its own or pairs seamlessly with the invigorating Rosemary Oil. Together, they create a synergy that moisturises, softens, and promotes the overall health of your skin. Experience reduced scars and stretch marks, enhanced nail strength, and the promotion of healthy nail growth. Elevate your skincare ritual with the pure and holistic power of nature.

Transform your self-care routine with our Holistic Skincare Gift Set, where every product is a step towards healthier, radiant skin.

Each pack includes:

  • Castor Oil (Cold Pressed) – 200ml Glass Jar with Aluminium Lid
  • Witch Hazel – 120ml Frosted Bottle with Gold Aluminium Lid
  • Rosemary Oil – 10ml Glass bottle with Aluminium lid
  • Instruction Card for getting the most out of these natural products
  • Presented in a cardboard box


Weight 1000 g


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