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Botanical Name:         Pongamia Glabra

Extraction Method:     Cold Pressed from the Seeds

Country of Origin:       India


A truly useful plant, the beautiful Karanja has been valued for many centuries in its native India.


Pressed from the seeds of the Pongam Tree, this cousin of Neem offers an array of similar therapeutic benefits to that of its pungent relative.

Karanja Oil has a milder aroma than Neem. It is often referred to as “nutty” and is more versatile than Neem Oil.


Karanja Oil is prized for its insecticidal  and antiseptic properties and is often used in pet care for the treatment of fleas, mange, and scabies.  Its insecticidal properties also make Karanja Oil great for agricultural use, serving as a natural pest repellent.


In skin care, Karanja Oil is said to help treat eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, dandruff, or to promote wound healing.  While its therapeutic properties are similar to Neem Oil, its aroma is quite different.  Karanja Oil can be incorporated into body oils, salves, lotions, soaps, hair oils, shampoos,
or garden sprays.


In formulations it is recommended to use up to 10% Karanja Oil.







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